About BK Masala

From the Homes to Hotels / Restaurant

BK Masala company was established in 2057 BS ( 2001 AD ), started in a small room which had a great vision to provide the best spices in Nepal. The company has been providing quality and super fine masala from 17 years. Its philosophy is to provide best quality products. The spices are made up with selected & pure natural products.

Yes!, We believe that the food must be tasty and delicious which BK Masala is providing wide ranges for your home.

About the Quality

Never Compromise

BK Masala produces wide ranges of products which the best in almost all spices brands, hand picked and tested in multiple ways, the masala products are very good in health and makes the food delicious. The history of masala is from ancient times. Masala adds the taste in the best way.

In the other way, masala makes the taste and the hidden secret of masala is to maintain the health.